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Airhead oil pickup / oil pan clearance

I had the oil pan off and decided to see how much room there is between the pickup screen and the bottom of the pan. I stuck a bit of clay to the oil pan and raised it into place and found that in the case of a /7 pan and pickup, there is 10mm plus the thickness of the oil pan gasket. I recall......

1978 R80 pushrod tube seals

Hi All Can any one help me out with a parts list I need to replace the pushrod seals please. I obviously need the 4 pushrod seals, what else Is there a gasket under the cylinder that needs replacing What else I will leave the head attached to the cylinder. Also can any one give me a link to......

Airhead Photos - Unknown Vintage Airhead in Hawaii

A friend of mine is traveling in Hawaii and spotted what appears to be an older BMW with sidecar there. He made some photos which I thought Id share. The location of this is The Holualoa Kona Coffee Company in Holualoa, HI. Attachment 65930......

New Airhead

Q: What is one to do when holed-up when its 30 below zero in Minnesota A: Look for value priced Airheads on Craigslist. Want vs. Need: Didnt need another bike but finding a good value created the want.” The Story: Saw posting on Craigslist a couple weeks ago - seller located about 100......

Oil leak

Can you tell me where this oil is leaking from Attachment 65911 (

Wheel spacers? Or?

I am a new airhead owner doing my first tire change. The Po had a 130/90-18 which would rub inside the fender unless the shocks were set at 2 up. So Im replacing with a 4.00-18. Had to remove front wheel and strap axle to the center stand, then deflate rear tire use c-clamps and wire ties to get......

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