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R75/5 Horn mount/hardware

I was looking through the microfiche for R75/5 (1973). I can’t seem to see any diagrams that show the mounting hardware for the horn. The horn I bought has a straight tab coming off of it, but I’m suspecting there’s an additional curved piece of hardware that acts as a link bewtween the horn and......

monza caps what size fits for 83 R100 bike

Hi Guys, is this fesible to work on my 83 r100 tank or is there modifications required

sloppy side stand /7

On my 1981 R100RS I have a ride off center stand. It is very easy to use compared to the /6 factory center stand, but there are times when I want to just use the side stand. But it is very sloppy - that is, has a lot of extra movement so the bike leans over too far. So the question is, can I......

1977 bmw r100rs tach and voltmeter

Hello Im dropping the fairing on my rs till I can get it repaired if I run no votmeter and tach meter is there antyring I need to do to the wiring Biggest question does the charging system run through volt meter...

79 R100 /7 Brakes

I am looking for advice on updating the brakes on my 79 R100 /7. I am thinking about either getting a Brembo caliper or updating to an RS front end to gain the dual calipers. (If that is possible) Has anyone tried either of these or do you have any advice for me If you have updated the caliper,......

/5 Horn button

Almost embarassed to post this one. But if you don’t ask.... :scratch Having trouble getting horn to work. Horn is new (12V) and works when tested on battery. There is continuity in the black wire, all the way to the handlebar cluster/control, and at the horn. Green/black wire tested......

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