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Throttlemiester for a 1992 BMW R100RT

Good day, Question for the knowledgable people on the BMO Airhead Forum. Has anyone adapted or uses a Throttlemiester Cruise control unit on an Airhead....

Sidestand Parts

I?m looking for a bumpstop for my 92 R100R but cannot locate a parts diagram for this area of the bike. I thought the sidestand was standard equipment but might not be. Max and Bob?s fiche don?t show this, what am I missing...

Question about high output alternator replacements.

I am looking to upgrade the charging system of my 84 R80RT. With all the heated clothing and such, the stock system does not keep up very well. I am interested in a kit that does not require a huge amount of messing with to install. Given there are a few companies offering these systems, what do......

Pulsating.... front brake especially under 10 MPH. I assume this means I need a new rotor. Could this be caused by anything else besides warped rotor Thanks, Terry...

Need expert witness Long Island

Does anyone know of someone qualified to give testimony at a small claims trial in Nassau county I had a botched cosmetic and mechanical restoration on my 1985 R80 and was told by the arbitrator that I will need one to have any shot at winning my case. I understand that remuneration would be in......

Dellorto Carb Help

Anyone got a tip for installing the throttle cable through the slide return spring and getting the little square end ferule into place on a 38mm Delorto carb for an R90S Seems like two hands are not enough. I made 4 attempts yesterday and couldnt get it. Made 4 more today and thought I had it but......

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