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R60/6 Headlamp wiring question.

Can anyone tell me where the second spade attachment goes for the parking lamp connection I know the grey/black goes from head lamp to circuit panel but then I have an open spade at the lamp. Trying to recover from some bad wining by a previous owner. I looked at the wiring diagram but its not......

1971 R75/5 questions??

Greetings, I’ve been gone since I traded the 82 R65 I was working on a year or so ago. I recently picked up a 1971 R75/5. The bike has 65K miles on the clock, however the bike has indication of being stored in a happy place. Here’s what I ve found so far: The compression measured 145 on both......

Diode Board mounts

Im replacing the timing chain cover on my 1974 R90s. The used one I picked up doesnt allow the rubber diode board mounts to be installed to hold the board. Instead, the mounting points are raised, tapped threads, and part of the casting. My original timing chain cover is from a very early......

Airhead oil pickup / oil pan clearance

I had the oil pan off and decided to see how much room there is between the pickup screen and the bottom of the pan. I stuck a bit of clay to the oil pan and raised it into place and found that in the case of a /7 pan and pickup, there is 10mm plus the thickness of the oil pan gasket. I recall......

1978 R80 pushrod tube seals

Hi All Can any one help me out with a parts list I need to replace the pushrod seals please. I obviously need the 4 pushrod seals, what else Is there a gasket under the cylinder that needs replacing What else I will leave the head attached to the cylinder. Also can any one give me a link to......

Airhead Photos - Unknown Vintage Airhead in Hawaii

A friend of mine is traveling in Hawaii and spotted what appears to be an older BMW with sidecar there. He made some photos which I thought Id share. The location of this is The Holualoa Kona Coffee Company in Holualoa, HI. Attachment 65930......

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