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Sidestand Parts

I?m looking for a bumpstop for my 92 R100R but cannot locate a parts diagram for this area of the bike. I thought the sidestand was standard equipment but might not be. Max and Bob?s fiche don?t show this, what am I missing...

Question about high output alternator replacements.

I am looking to upgrade the charging system of my 84 R80RT. With all the heated clothing and such, the stock system does not keep up very well. I am interested in a kit that does not require a huge amount of messing with to install. Given there are a few companies offering these systems, what do......

Pulsating.... front brake especially under 10 MPH. I assume this means I need a new rotor. Could this be caused by anything else besides warped rotor Thanks, Terry...

Need expert witness Long Island

Does anyone know of someone qualified to give testimony at a small claims trial in Nassau county I had a botched cosmetic and mechanical restoration on my 1985 R80 and was told by the arbitrator that I will need one to have any shot at winning my case. I understand that remuneration would be in......

Dellorto Carb Help

Anyone got a tip for installing the throttle cable through the slide return spring and getting the little square end ferule into place on a 38mm Delorto carb for an R90S Seems like two hands are not enough. I made 4 attempts yesterday and couldnt get it. Made 4 more today and thought I had it but......

instrument cluster lights

Hi all, Im usually pretty good at sussing up information from the internet. But Im having trouble finding any information about instrument lights on an airhead. Mine are all out together, except sometimes my neutral light will work. I know theres an led panel out there and I have no problem......

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