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Thank you for allowing a newbie, and introduction thread with easy questions

Hello Everyone! Im Brant. brand new to bmw motorcycles I just started taking one apart and pulled the motor yesterday I have A LOT to learn and a lot to research so far though its been a good experience with lots of resources and knowledge out there the bike shows a registration from......

Wixom bags and curry spray paint

Hi gang Picked up a nice swb 1972 toaster and am looking for three things. 1 decent pair of wixom bags, in need of a light restoration. 2 Rattle can curry spray paint, I know I know. Just wondering if off the shelf paint could match bike color, bike will be a clean rider not a show piece. 3 A......

Thanks for the help, I have a piston/cyclinder question now.

Greetings again, I’m in this 1971 R75/5 to my waist, and really do appreciate all of the good advice I’ve received. I have pulled the cylinders, cleaned the pistons, checked the piston clearance, and ring gap. The top of the pistons are stamped with 81.985, the piston clearance is a loose......

R75/5 handle bar question

I was going to order some throttle cables and there is a high bar and low bar set listed. Which are these Thanks for all replies. Phil...

R75/5 wiring question

Greetings, The electrics on this bike worked, but it had been modified by a gorrila with a couple of rolls of tape. The best I can tell the alternator had been upgraded. I posted a photo of the diode board and what appears to be the regulator. I am going to build my own harness, and really only......

Airhead headlight fuse panel

The previous owner replaced the torpedo fuses by soldering in two automotive style fuses. Two questions 1) Is 15 amps too much 2) Should I remove them and revert to the torpedo style....

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