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2017 ADVMoto Holiday Gift Guide

Published in: News• Gifts Under $50 {gallery}ARTICLES/News/HolidayGiftGuide/2017/50-Under-Gifts{/gallery} • Kit KubesKit Kubes is a system used to organize tools, electronics, gear, and anything else that fits into your motorcycle luggage. Available in three different sizes, they’re designed to work in rugged, outdoor environments, and can be packed in a modular configuration to maximize storage space. The thick PVC window on top allows you to see the contents of each Kube so you can easily loca...

SIIMA Sibirsky Super Adventure Jacket Review

Published in: GearNever heard of SIIMA MotoWear Neither had we until a few months ago. Based in Nicosia, Cyprus (an island in the Mediterranean) the company has been around since 2014.A little birdie from across the pond asked us to check out SIIMA’s Sibirsky Super Adventure Jacket. It was love at first sight for me. The jacket looks sporty, with enough durability for protection and low frills for a comfortable ride. As much as I love premium adventure suits, sometimes they can be overkill and e...

2017 Wolfman Enduro Dry Saddle Bag Review

Published in: GearOnce a day was my typical rate of forgetting something inside my old Wolfman Enduro Dry Saddle Bags. I’d have to unclip some straps and open the top to get whatever I had forgotten. Being used to that routine, I didn’t feel like I needed the new, updated Enduro Dry Saddle Bags even though they boasted improvements to organization and size. But sometimes we don’t appreciate what we’re missing until we get it. With seven compression straps on each bag, it’s a cinch to cinch down ...

Dirty Dining - An Adventurer's Cookbook

Published in: MediaCooking well on the road is a challenge even at the best of times. For me it’s not usually the availability of ingredients since most of my travel is within the United States; rather, it’s the need for creative ideas about just what to cook. I’m not the most enthusiastic chef and backpacker meals get pretty boring after awhile! For world travelers Lisa and Simon Thomas, the challenge is magnified countless times. Since 2003, they’ve journeyed by motorcycle through 78 countries...

Leatherman Charge TTI Multi-Tool Review

Published in: GearIf you’ve ever seen the movie 127 Hours, you’ll understand the potential of a multi-tool. In the true story, Aron Ralston uses one to save his life. My daily needs may never be as life-threatening as Ralston’s, but my Leatherman Charge TTI has been a handy sidekick for many years. From roadside repairs to popping tops off beers, the Charge TTI has all the features you could want for everyday carry. I could spend hours telling stories of when each of the 19 tools came in handy. ...

Join Rally for Rangers to Support National Parks in Mongolia and Patagonia

Published in: NewsThe Rally for Rangers Foundation is inviting applicants to join two incredible adventure motorcycle rallies in 2018 - Mongolia and Patagonia. The Foundation will again support its mission - Protecting the worlds most special places one motorcycle at a time - by bringing a total of 30 new motorcycles and other needed outdoor gear to park rangers in five parks in three countries. Park rangers around the world face great personal risk and overcome enormous chal...

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