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Dream Riders Biking For Children


My wife, Toni and I are actively involved in various fund-raising benefits for children. In January of 2000, we founded a non profit organization called Dream Riders Biking For Children. We are a group of bikers who simply enjoy getting together and riding. We have joined together to either raise money for a family in need, due to tragedy, or to bring Christmas to children who may not otherwise have a Christmas.


Please take a moment to view the Dream Riders Biking For Children web site, and see a few of the things this dedicated organization has been able to accomplish when a group of people unites together for one cause.


Johnny Holloway - Founding Member of Dream Riders Biking For Children

Johnny Holloway - Founding Member of Dream Riders Biking For Children


I Am A Dream Rider


I am a DREAM RIDER... I may be your next-door neighbor, the young woman who checks you out at the store or the person sitting next to you at the ball game. I am also the hand that reaches out to help.


The men and women that make-up the DREAM RIDERS organization are dedicated to helping those who have had unfortunate events come their way. They strive to improve the quality of life for children who have few places to turn to for their needs and affection. The DREAM RIDERS are made up of people who truly care.


The DREAM RIDERS sponsor and support many causes such as:


  • Angel Tree

  • Baptist Christian Village

  • The Bridgette Raines Run

  • The Sheriff's Boys and Girls Ranch

  • Regional Rehabilitation Center - Tupelo


We support many more causes and are adding new events continually as we learn of a need. The important thing is we are there to help and support. Working along with other motorcycle organizations from around the area, we hope we can make a difference in the world around us and to improve the image of the American Biker.